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If you are replacing a 98mm wheel, any of our 100mm wheels will work with no modification necessary. They will also provide a noticeable improvement in performance. Order any of our 100mm wheels with the confidence that they will work perfectly and that we will refund any of our 100mm wheels that do not fit and work as advertised.

100mm x 85a Translucent Special w/bearings 100mm x 85a YAK Metalcore FA

Our Price: (Dealers Only)

Our Price: (Dealers Only)
100mm x 85a YAK Metalcore FA scooter wheel
100mm x 85a Translucent Special w/bearings. Good quality, great value all purpose wheel with special flanged 608ZB bearings. 8mm I.D. fits standard kick-scooter axles. Flange extends 3mm on either side of wheel. New wheel, new design, new specs, new level of performance, blows away everything you know about scooter wheels. Graphics both sides. 85a super high performance urethane gives better grip, better bounce, better roll. New hub design is unique and unlike anything you've ever seen. Pricey and worth it!

Our Price: (Dealers Only)

Our Price: (Dealers Only)
Micro XT HD Trick Scooter - AKA Monster Mash, Full-Size Scooter. Ready to rock and roll out of the box. Nothing more needed to make this the hottest trickster on the ramps.
Non Folding Super Strong Head Set is locked in place by 3 Heavy Duty Heat Treated Bolts to provide Maximum Strength for Tricks.
Unique Single Locking Fixed Clamp which when Locked in Place the Handlebar will remain locked.
Metal Core 100mm82a w/ABEC7 bearings.
New, modern and very classy. Both husky and comfortable as well as sleek. Five color combinations. And what a lovely price, per pair!
110mm x 88a YAK Metalcore Mechanic 180mm YAK NOIR LONGBOARD TRUCK

Our Price: (Dealers Only)

Our Price: (Dealers Only)
110mm x 88a YAK Metalcore Mechanic scooter wheel
Fix your wagon with this new, high performance, highly efficient design from YAK. The YAK Mechanic features the best strength to weight ratio of any metalcore wheel. And of course it is YAK fast! Three colors. 180mm YAK Noir High Performance all steel truck. Compare to Randal. Good quality. Great value. Price is for one truck.