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Truck Bushing Set Mounting hardware, set Truck risers, 1/8"
Truck Bushing Set
Our Price: $2.25
Mounting hardware, set
Our Price: $2.49
Truck risers, 1/8"
Our Price: $2.95
Truck bushing set for two trucks. Hard, Medium, Soft urethane. Priced per set. Mounting hardware, set of eight nuts and bolts. 1" or 1.5". Truck riser, rubber, 1/8" thick, pair. Priced per pair.
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Grip Tape, 44" x 10" black or clear Truck Riser, Wedge, 1/4" to 3/8" Toe Stops for all boards, toe holders, pair
Longboard Grip Tape, 44" x 10", cold-resistant, black or clear. Priced each.
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Truck Riser, Wedge, rubber, pair, 1/4" to 3/8". Priced per pair. Toe Stops for all boards. Right-left pair with mounting hardware. Heavy duty, very sturdy. Mounting holes 40mm apart. Actual color is midnight blue.
Foot straps for mountain board, kite surfing, other boards, foot straps, pair 15" Mountainboard Truck, 12mm axle GRIP TAPE, ROLL, 10" x 20 YARDS
Foot straps for mountain board, kite surfing, other boards, foot straps, pair. Very heavy duty construction, padded velcro. Bolts 8" center to center. 2" wide. All mounting hardware included. 15" Mountainboard Truck, 12mm axle.
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Grip tape, 10" x 20 yards. Heavy duty, high quality, cold resistant.
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Mountainboard Truck, 16" Dual Springs 9.5mm Electric motorized wheels, 2 - 8" wheels with axle
Mountainboard Truck, 16" Dual Springs 10mm axle. Heavy duty, especially suited to rough terrain. Comes with heavy duty rubber riser shown. One truck, one riser at this price. Please be sure this fits your wheels, your application before ordering. We have pneumatic and other wheels that fit this axle. Just ask. Need smaller quantities? Visit Electric motorized wheel, 8"