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110mm x 85a YAK USA polyurethane scooter wheel 110mm x 88a YAK BLU/BLK Race Wheel 110mm x 20mm x 88a YAK Metalcore Slimline Wheel
High rebound, high performance. Grippy as well as durable. Best urethane available at any price. Made in the U.S.
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110mm x 88a YAK Blu/Blk. High rebound. Fast. High Performance. Race wheel. Not intended for trick scooter riding 110mm x 20mm x 88a. High rebound. High performance. Only 20mm wide. (Most skate and scooter wheels are 25mm wide.) Nylon bearing cups further reduce weight. If speed is your goal, this is your wheel. Excellent value.
110mm x 85a Blue on Silver 110mmx78a YAK Classic urethane scooter wheel 110mm x 88a YAK SCAT Metalcore scooter wheel
110mm x 85a Blue on Silver Scooter Wheel. Good quality, good rebound, good durability. 110mmx78a YAK Classic Scooter Wheel. High rebound, high performance, grippy, at a budget price. Two colors. Performance tested on scooters worldwide for twenty years. This wheel will take more than its share of abuse. For smaller quantities, visit Fast, high rebound, high performance, high value and very durable. Seven different colors. You cannot go wrong with this extremely popular wheel. Now black on red (not pictured).
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110mm Rubber on Aluminum 110mm x 88a Fleur d YAK Metalcore scooter wheel 110mm x 88a YAK Metalcore Mechanic scooter wheel
110mm Rubber on Aluminum. Very durable and grippy but slow.
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Very fast, high rebound, high performance, lightest weight of all metal core wheels. And the classiest, best looking wheel on the ramp.
Fix your wagon with this new, high performance, highly efficient design from YAK. The YAK Mechanic features the best strength to weight ratio of any metalcore wheel. And of course it is YAK fast! Three colors.
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