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80mm x 86a Labeda Icon 80mm x 85a Volcanix Road Kill 80mm x 88a YAK SLAP, High Performance
80mm x 86a Labeda Icon
Our Price: $2.15
80mm x 86a Labeda Icon. Highest Rebound. Highest Performance. Great value. Poured in U.S.
This is a great, durable outdoor wheel with the same formula as the vaunted Asphalt even though it reads "indoor."
80mm x 85a Volcanix Road Kill. Highest quality, highest rebound. Long lasting. Great on rough surfaces. Made in USA. 80mm x 88a YAK SLAP. Highest rebound. Highest performance. Poured in the U.S. Great value.
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80mm x 92a YAK Cobra Hockey Wheel
80mm x 92a Cobra
Our Price: $3.69
80mm x 92a YAK Cobra. Very hard. Very durable. High rebound. High performance. Long lasting. Your best bet for the roughest hockey on the hardest, roughest surfaces. Compare to Labeda Asphalt. You won't be disappointed.
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