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100mm x 88a YAK SCAT Metalcore w/bearing cups - closeout! 100mm x 78a YAK Classic Polyurethane scooter wheel 100mm x 88a YAK Toro High Performance Inline Race Wheel
100mm x 88a YAK SCAT Polyurethane /nylon bearing cups. This is a perfectly fine wheel for all purposes including trick riding. One caveat is that the nylon bearing cup may break, which is why we include extras with each wheel. Otherwise this compares to our standard SCAT. Excellent quality, excellent value. Blue only.Need smaller quantities? Visit
100mm x 78a YAK Classic Polyurethane. High rebound, high performance, grippy, at a budget price. Eight color combinations. Performance proven on scooters worldwide for twenty-five years. Exceptional value. Need smaller quantities? Visit
High rebound, high performance, long wearing Polyurethane peed wheel for inline racers both indoors and out. Great for conventional (not trick) use on scooters. Five colors. Need smaller quantities? Visit